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Monday, April 27, 2015

Finishing Touches of Gray and Yellow

Being a designer I am often asked what my favorite space/room in my own home is?  For me- my answer is....everything in my home is a "Work in progress."  It is always the last thing I think about.  I am always so busy thinking and designing for other people that I almost feel like my little home gets ignored....and I am okay with that.  I have been trying to get a few areas done and one of them is the MASTER BEDROOM."  It still has a few spots here and there...like a headboard that need to be finished.  They will come soon enough.  Here is a little glimpse at what I have been working on.

I  love French Linens...I mean...what is not to love. And...I mean....I really love them!  These pillows make me very happy.

 I posted about this slipcover chair a while ago.  I found the chair at a garage sale some time ago and had a slipcover made for it...using old linen/cotton window panels and vintage lace.  I painted the wood legs shiny black to give it a finished look.

Notice my .PHOTO BOMBER>.She loves to hang out with me. Teehee.( left side of the photo)
When we moved into our home 4 1/2 years ago there was grasscloth on our master bedroom walls...I mean vintage grasscloth.  Grasscloth is great however this one made the room very dark and my allergies went nuts.  So off it went.  My husband and I installed the board and bat, it was actually the first thing we did to the room.  I knew I wanted crisp white walls with minimal color accents.  The next thing I did was I found the fabric I wanted to have window panels made out of...and from there my color pallet was developed.
We found some cool yellow vintage lamps.

 I spotted this darling dresser sitting in a garage of a home that I was staging and commented on how much I loved it and the next thing you know...arrangements were made for me to purchase it - made my day.   The dresser is actually  quite a special piece as it was once in the very first Marriott Hotel and each drawer was from a room that a president of the United States stayed in.  Well, at least that is what I was told.  It would kind of explain why each of the drawers is slightly different from the other.  That is the story and I am sticking to it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Heading Into Fall with a Vintage French Farm Table.

Some pictures of areas in our shop as we are headed into Fall. Lots of gift ideas coming in every day.  Happy Fall everyone.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Favorite Finds from the Las Vegas Market, January 2014

This darling farm style table with casters is stunning.

Great alternative to a standard built-in island.  Stunning! From Four Hands

Wonderful lighting from Robert Abbey

Van Thiel collection, available from Four Hands.  This blue and white pottery is GORGEOUS!  I believe it is from Holland.

Seriously!  What a great idea, upholstering the seat.  I have had one of these little stools for year.  Much more comfy this way.

Additional Van Thiel pieces from Four Hands.  We just ordered this darling folding bench for a client.   It is actually very comfortable.  What a statement piece, too.
Here is an up close picture of this terrific bench.  It will be going into our client's entry.  A piece of art!!

I have always loved large bottles and this display is so pretty.

In love!!!!  These fabulous wall sconces from Egypt from Blue Ocean Traders make me weak.  I think we are getting the large ones.  I ordered both sizes, however I think the small ones might not be available any longer.

Nice idea for wall shelves. 

We just ordered these cool baskets made from recycled tires. 

Probably my most favorite color pallet.  I LOVE yellow, so this combo paired with the blue and white chair in the picture below is AWESOME!!! 

Stunning light fixtures, too

This market was really about color, lots of it. 

Yep, love this too. 

Selfie!  Sorry, had to get one in.  LOL.  We both look very tired.  This was at the end of the show for us.

These chairs sit outside of the ARIA.  What fun!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas and the Holiday's are in the Air!

 We are checking stuff off "The list," front window done, check!
 Stockings are hung, check!
 White ceramic Nativity set found, check!
  Decorating is done, and everyone is waiting patiently, including Bogey the dog, check!
 Now, just waiting for all the parties and guest to arrive!  Have a Blessed Holiday and Christmas Season everyone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall is in Full Force!

 Our Fall 2013 window display.

 Fresh display with an old level and float, we mixed it up with these woven wall baskets
 Bottles are from the 1960's for a Chem lab. 
Love Primitive stuff like this crock bowl with handle

Friday, September 13, 2013

Things We Love in the Shop

We love Leah Anderson Art.  This is one of our many favorites.  This horse would add drama to any space it is in.  Very transitional piece, large and regal.  We could see this in a very modern style home, too.
 This little vintage rooster is so cute. 
Our very "Chippy" old Baker's/Hoosier cabinet is very charming. Would be a fun addition to a kitchen remodel or existing kitchen.

 Vintage/antique Turkish Bread bowl...We can see that being made into a very cool light fixture, however it is beautiful just as it is, too.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Few Fun Ways to Display Collections

I recently acquired a vintage croquet set and thought this might be a fun way to display it. Still trying to figure out how the balls are hanging from the wall.  Perhaps, I need to mount them on a board.

 Rackets on the wall, I like the colorful texture this is bringing to this display.
Why hang an old mirror up by a nail? Adding old rope adds another layer to this display