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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christina Maser Candles and Leah Anderson Artwork (Art By Leah)...so many things to be excited about

We are so excited to introduce Christina Maser candles, soaps, and room and linen sprays to the West Coast here at Piper Louie Boutique Shop.  They are a wonderful company that produces "Healthy" products for us and  the environment. 100% natural, nothing artificial or synthetic!

They use only natural products in their line.  The candles are soy wax with pure essential oils. In lovely scents like, Lavender Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Basil Lime to name a few
 Their soaps are handcrafted from saponified oils (olive, palm, coconut, sweet almond and caster), they may also contain natural clays, herbs, grains, petals, seeds and/or mineral pigments along with pure essential oils.  We are now carrying fun scents like, Gardiner's Bar, Spa Bar, Lavender Eucalyptus, etc.
 Are we excited!!!!! Why, yes!  We have a few pieces of the lovely and talented "local" artist "Leah Anderson."  The above Giclee is called "Taking a Break."  36" x 42"
 We have easy "take with you" gifts.
 Antique Turkish Olive baskets.
 Mid-Century (pr.) Quail.
Old millstones. Fantastic vases!
Our latest front window. Add a pop of color inside or out with these bright orange Bouchon stools