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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Really!!!! The Holidays are Right Around the Corner

As with so many other companies we have had to diversify. We decided it is time to add furniture pieces to our Studio and create a small showroom of a few lines of furniture we think our clients will love. Since it is so close to the Holidays....we thought we would drop this reminder. It is a great time to start getting ready for those special occasion's ahead. In the past I have found myself scrambling at the very last minute to try and find the perfect table(s), seating only to find things have been picked over or that they take 6 - 8 weeks to arrive.

One of the lines I really love, I actually found them this last February at the Las Vegas Market is Dovetail, this table will be available to purchase in our studio/showroom, as with the other tables and chairs I am posting today. We will have many other pieces/styles of furniture available, however I am just giving a taste of what will be available as far as tables and chairs go. This table has a painted wood base, top is made of reclaimed hardwood from boat decking, with a wax finish. Absolutely beautiful. 83"wide x 39"deep x 30" high

This chair goes exceptionally well with the above table - we will be getting this chair in...so exciting! It has a solid oak frame with hand rubbed natural finish. The seat and back are upholstered in black velvet.

This chair is made from a Solid oak frame with hand rubbed Gesso/sealed finish. Seat and back are upholstered in velvet

Okay...so cute!!! Could this be any more charming? We are getting a few of these, too

This table will be available

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Several of our clients have large families, many just like to have large gatherings. Seating can be a key element in a room. Frequently, there isn't enough room for the additional sofa or chair. A bench can be a nice alternative. I also find using poufs irresistible. Several of the resources I order from are taking the traditional Moroccan pouf idea and transforming them into wonderful new renditions. The poufs are not only functional, beautiful, but are also conversational pieces.

From Elle Decor Magazine

Arteriors Home - floral wool pouf

Global views - wool blend

Arteriors Home

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can you paint a room black????

The answer is YES YES YES..........................

Dining room before......

Dining Room after

Over the years Nordby Design Studio strives to push the envelope and design outside the "BOX."
As in college - our professors always pushed us to not duplicate but to create new and exciting spaces. And to use our past and our historic places to help us make long lasting thought provoking spaces, not only to see, but to feel and use. Places that make us smile, feel comfortable and to help us grow.

We have been asked by many people and our clientele - can a room/walls be painted "Black"???? And we say yes - why not????? Then they ask, does it feel like ewwwwwww yukky and cold?? Does it make the room feel small?

When we tell them that we painted our own dining room black, they look at us like we have lost our marbles......hehe. Then I say "You should see it for yourselves and see how awesome it feels and how opposite it is from the initial thoughts of "BLACK WALLS" ewwwwwwwwwww....."


Here are some additional examples of Black rooms/walls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unique Containers

This is a great way to use those baskets that are just laying around. Why not pop some beautiful mums or daisies into them for beautiful color.

Whether the containers are rustic like these hollowed out logs or sleek and contemporary like the white containers - selecting plant material like grasses, moss, succulents add the next layer of texture and bring life to any space.

I am really fond of cyclamen for both interiors and exteriors. I think this application is particularly stunning.

Succulents in wooden bowls - Hey! Why not! And the best part is - they do not require a lot of watering.

This is such a great idea! Can you imagine this console style table behind a sofa? Be that.... on the inside or outside of a home.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's all in the details......

While walking around the new "City Center" on the strip in Las Vegas, Julie and I saw many new interesting ways to use materials, and also custom design details both for interiors and exteriors. This light fixture that looks like an ordinary interior table lamp has been recreated into a playful 6' + exterior lamp.

In the lobby/check-in of the Aria Hotel and Casino, there are these partition walls made of recycled/ reclaimed wood with organic steel screens. Adding benches to the screens creates the perfect spot for their guest to rest and just sit and watch the action. But as ones feels air blowing around their legs you notice that there are big HVAC diffusers that access the air from below the floor.

This a a great alternative to placing the HVAC above since the ceilings are two to three stories high (and who wants to see big ducts up there or hear air movement above) this gives the ceilings a clean look with organic steel clouds and they are also free of noise and ugly vents. What a great idea and for seating and HVAC distribution......

Behind check-in low wall with real plants at top and HVAC grills, in front of multi-story glass wall, and reclaimed wood structure.

Seat/ Divider/ HVAC distribution

The use of new contemporary materials throughout all of these new structures helps add to the different designers interpretations of use, but also help the flow from one structure to the next. The Crystals retail area has a varied rich use of materials from one end of the mall to the other, as it houses high end shops.

The use of these bright semi-precious translucent stone that are back lit and used on the risers to a major stair at the south end of the mall. They work perfect with the rich natural dark stained hard wood steps and the face of the exterior walls with recessed lighting....

Stairs with wood and stone materials.Seating/ restaurant area above.

And some cool custom lights too.

Custom Light in Lobby of "The Hotel"

And a huge use of natural lighting, which is a huge departure from the standard structures in Las Vegas, in which they have all electric lighting and no light from the sun.

Natural Day lighting....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing blown glass art work

Julie and I were finished with"The Las Vegas Market" last week and had a half day to check out the new architecture being built in Las Vegas. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!......... We didn't have to go far from our hotel to find the new "City Center" (http://www.citycenter.com)

While we started to experience the exteriors of these new structures we found a small art gallery in the heart of the "City Center" that housed only one artist - Dale Chihuly from the state of Washington. I have watched his shows on PBS and this is the first time seeing his work in person. What an amazing talent. You guessed it! we are planning to go see his company up in Washington soon - I can't believe we haven't done this already.

Small bowl......

Something for your garden,,,,,,,

Famous installation in the Lobby of the Bellagio Hotel/Casino.

This is one of his chandeliers.

This is a piece that is over 20 feet tall and costs over $750k not including installation...... So cool

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exciting products from the Las Vegas Market

Environmentally friendly products such as this bamboo shag rug from Anji Mountain is very impressive. It is unbelievably soft, shocking in fact - just how soft!

The voted color of the year "turquoise" was seen everywhere.

My favorite style of furniture being featured this market has to be the Belgian inspired/designed furniture (this line by Dovetail is available to the trade). The finish is this weathered, driftwood, sandblasted look. Soft, a bit rustic, however very elegant.

The Las Vegas Market was very exciting - everyone seemed to be in high spirits- with showrooms writing orders right and left. A promising sign for 2010! One of my favorite showrooms was Four Hands - they have a new line of furniture designed by Thomas Bina that I absolutely love! The furniture is made from salvaged woods from South America, Indonesia and China. He also uses exotic reclaimed hardware accents on his designs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Headed to Las Vegas Market early next month - beautiful things coming our way in interiors

I am getting things in order for our upcoming trip to the Las Vegas Market in February. I have several showrooms that I must see!!!! It is always a great way to perk up the inspiration! A couple of new debuts I am very anxious to see, designed by Ahahrooz Nia from Acrylicore. LOVE, LOVE these chairs!!! Incredibly graceful! The detailing is fab! With beautiful acrylic legs, upholstered backs and the nail heads, can not forget the nail heads!!!! I'll take 10 of the Klismos chair......please!!!!!