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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chevron and Herringbone Floors

The Chevron and Herringbone patterned floors make me crazy...in a great way. I absolutely love both of these patterns. They are very similar but with distinct differences. With a chevron pattern, the planks are set on the diagonal and meet in the center line. The herringbone pattern floor also has planks set diagonally, but the planks are interlaces.

Herringbone pattern

Via: Aggie Land Carpet One

Chevron pattern
Via: B & B Italia

Chevron pattern

Via: B & B Italia
The white walls and rich warm tones of this chevron floor enhance this sitting area. I love how the purple settee works on an angle.

Via: B & B Italia
This chevron patterned floor looks wonderful mixed with more contemporary furniture and ornate paneling on the walls.

via: B & B Italia

I found this picture in a furniture catalog. Wisteria Furniture. The light furniture and the dark chevron pattern floor are so very French. I love how the furniture and the floor work together to create this charming space.

This rustic floor is in a herringbone pattern and look so warm and inviting.

Via: Tilly's Cottage