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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing blown glass art work

Julie and I were finished with"The Las Vegas Market" last week and had a half day to check out the new architecture being built in Las Vegas. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!......... We didn't have to go far from our hotel to find the new "City Center" (http://www.citycenter.com)

While we started to experience the exteriors of these new structures we found a small art gallery in the heart of the "City Center" that housed only one artist - Dale Chihuly from the state of Washington. I have watched his shows on PBS and this is the first time seeing his work in person. What an amazing talent. You guessed it! we are planning to go see his company up in Washington soon - I can't believe we haven't done this already.

Small bowl......

Something for your garden,,,,,,,

Famous installation in the Lobby of the Bellagio Hotel/Casino.

This is one of his chandeliers.

This is a piece that is over 20 feet tall and costs over $750k not including installation...... So cool

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Exciting products from the Las Vegas Market

Environmentally friendly products such as this bamboo shag rug from Anji Mountain is very impressive. It is unbelievably soft, shocking in fact - just how soft!

The voted color of the year "turquoise" was seen everywhere.

My favorite style of furniture being featured this market has to be the Belgian inspired/designed furniture (this line by Dovetail is available to the trade). The finish is this weathered, driftwood, sandblasted look. Soft, a bit rustic, however very elegant.

The Las Vegas Market was very exciting - everyone seemed to be in high spirits- with showrooms writing orders right and left. A promising sign for 2010! One of my favorite showrooms was Four Hands - they have a new line of furniture designed by Thomas Bina that I absolutely love! The furniture is made from salvaged woods from South America, Indonesia and China. He also uses exotic reclaimed hardware accents on his designs.