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Monday, May 18, 2009

Why Not a New Pillow or Two?

I love design, color, texture and patterns. So, when I found this beautiful line of pillows at the New York Gift Show this past February; I thought I had lost my mind. The Pillows are available to the trade from Bayaa/Weavetree and are made from 100% cotton – silk patch (the embroidery is applied to the silk patch). The pillows come in wonderfully delicious colors such as, the citrine/black (shown), bone/black (shown), storm/citrine (dark grey/black background with yellow embroidery) cobalt/emerald (cobalt background with bright emerald embroidery), coffee and mushroom (coffee background with mushroom embroidery) and red/pumpkin (red background with orange embroidery). It is the citrine/black that did it for me, I love it! I just can’t get enough of the vivid yellow and black together. Adding fresh new pillows to any space can be a very useful tool in creating an exciting new look.

These beautiful pillows are found right in my own backyard….from a company called Filling Spaces located in the Portland, Oregon area. They are made from 100% silk and are available to the trade. http://www.filling-spaces.com/

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