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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Antique Market in Paris

My recent trip to Paris led my friend JJ and me to the Clignancourt market. The market is absolutely enormous - with blocks and blocks of old "goodies" to find. As I discovered...many booths will not allow you to take pictures. So I was a little limited on the photos I was able to take...happy to have the ones I have! This stunning linen store has been featured in magazines such as Elle Decor. JJ, is selecting some linens for her shop.
The shop is just as beautiful on the outside, as it is on the inside. The red doors with ivy are "killing me."

This booth was "drop dead" beautiful. The rich color and texture....yummmmmmmm.

Most streets were flooded with shoppers. I would have preferred to be on a buying trip vs. a "learning and looking" trip. Maybe next time...now there's a thought.

If antiques could tell a story....hmmmm.....might it be so interesting????

Beautiful old things


  1. I just love that antique horse! How on earth did you hold back from slipping into shopping mode? You're very strong! :)

  2. I could spend hours walking through those streets and shops... wish I had the money to go because I would definitely have to buy!

  3. Loved being able to "join you" on your trip - and I agree- the red doors and ivy are to die for!

    Glad to have found you through the HOMEdigz blog party.


  4. So nice to go on a "trip" with you! Love looking at pics from other places!

    Nice to find you thru HOMEdigz!