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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's all in the details......

While walking around the new "City Center" on the strip in Las Vegas, Julie and I saw many new interesting ways to use materials, and also custom design details both for interiors and exteriors. This light fixture that looks like an ordinary interior table lamp has been recreated into a playful 6' + exterior lamp.

In the lobby/check-in of the Aria Hotel and Casino, there are these partition walls made of recycled/ reclaimed wood with organic steel screens. Adding benches to the screens creates the perfect spot for their guest to rest and just sit and watch the action. But as ones feels air blowing around their legs you notice that there are big HVAC diffusers that access the air from below the floor.

This a a great alternative to placing the HVAC above since the ceilings are two to three stories high (and who wants to see big ducts up there or hear air movement above) this gives the ceilings a clean look with organic steel clouds and they are also free of noise and ugly vents. What a great idea and for seating and HVAC distribution......

Behind check-in low wall with real plants at top and HVAC grills, in front of multi-story glass wall, and reclaimed wood structure.

Seat/ Divider/ HVAC distribution

The use of new contemporary materials throughout all of these new structures helps add to the different designers interpretations of use, but also help the flow from one structure to the next. The Crystals retail area has a varied rich use of materials from one end of the mall to the other, as it houses high end shops.

The use of these bright semi-precious translucent stone that are back lit and used on the risers to a major stair at the south end of the mall. They work perfect with the rich natural dark stained hard wood steps and the face of the exterior walls with recessed lighting....

Stairs with wood and stone materials.Seating/ restaurant area above.

And some cool custom lights too.

Custom Light in Lobby of "The Hotel"

And a huge use of natural lighting, which is a huge departure from the standard structures in Las Vegas, in which they have all electric lighting and no light from the sun.

Natural Day lighting....

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