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Friday, August 17, 2012


Dipping!  And... I don't mean in the traditional since of what you might be thinking of. What I mean is "Paint- Dipping".  I am not actually sure if that is it's technical term, but that is what I will call it. I think I would dip everything I own in paint if I did not have some since of self control.  I really love how galvanized items look with a clean line of paint.  Super easy to do, you just dip your item in a container full of paint to the desired line you want and pull it out.  The trick is making sure you shake off all the excess paint and let it dry completely.  The paint should level itself out.

I thought I would take a couple of vintage shoe forms and play with this technique on them.  

Photo credit:  House of Earnest.

Why not.  Like I said...it would be easy to get carried away with Paint-Dipping...I say..."GO For it!"  Have fun.

Photo credit: Kate Mathis 

The little jars/vases look super cute .

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