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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New boutique hotel in Cerritos Mexico, north of Cabo

This project started out as a modest 18,000sf vacation home that we started designing couple of years ago, and is almost done, but it is open for business. Now it is a 30,000+sf boutque hotel up and running. It is located in a quiet off the main orad site, next to the only surfable beach on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja.

What a amazing project to see come to life. This is Nordby Design Studio 's first major project built outside of the Pacific Northwest and it's first Hotel. As you can tell we are very proud of this project and hope many people can enjoy it and it's surroundings.

I love to see how a project comes to life, from the white pages and Cad machine screens to the final built project. To see it and feel it, is the most amazing feeling.

Check it out and you can see our cad images at our web site to see where it started....

go to: http://www.haciendacerritos.com/

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