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Monday, July 20, 2009

Something Special, an "Oldie"

What a little treasure I found on Craigslist. Periodically, I scan Craigslist for furniture “for sale,” like many people – I am always looking for a bargain, when I stumbled upon what I like to think of as “an old chair with really great bones.” I got so excited about this crazy old chair for $15.00. I could barely stand waiting for the reply from the seller if the chair was still available. It was, so I made arrangements to go take a peek.

The chairs cushions are shot and probably smell of years living at a retirement center, but in my mind this beautiful “oldie” will be part of my own collection in my home. I will transform it (with the help from “my” upholster) into a crisp, grass-green beauty with a monogram and new shinny black lacquered legs. The chair probably will cost as much as a new chair – maybe even a bit more, but I am left with a one of a kind….something I always find rewarding. This is true for all areas of the home. Why settle for something everyone else has????

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